Successful Business Solutions

BFA initiated and led regular plenary sessions with agency executives to identify training needs, strategize best practices, and serve in an advisory role. Established and engaged the Training Officer’s Consortium (TOC) to ensure participation and collaboration among training leaders across federal agency while meeting organizational and employee development needs.

BFA oversaw the analysis and justification of procuring a LMS through evaluations, audits, surveys, and reports and advised high level leaders across agencies on appropriate direction in obtaining a goal of 80% return on investment (ROI) in organizational assets. Our management consultation resulted in an early movement toward distance learning programs, on-line certificate programs, and budget conscious solutions to training a global workforce.

BFA initiated and built collaborative, ongoing, working relationships and Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with diverse and minority associations, organizations and groups to ensure employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and to achieve objectives of mutual interest. We also increased outreach activities and partnerships by approximately 40% within the first five months through intense negotiations and successfully influencing agency contributions.

In addition, through intense collaborations with agency stakeholders, BFA improved internal methods and processes for filling the projected 70% potential employee skills gap by developing a rigorous succession and workforce development plan and establishing a framework for leadership and employee career roadmaps.

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