Social – Corporate Responsibility

At Benne-Franc Associates (BFA), we strongly believe in the principles of Corporate Responsibility – of achieving success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment. The Benne-Franc business citizenship mission is simple: to serve the public good through customized innovative technologies and partnerships and to deliver on our business responsibilities of value to our customers, shareholders, and employees. Social responsibility starts with a belief that what you do is important to society. The mission and our belief that ‘Nothing is Impossible’ provide a framework through which our business addresses new markets, technologies, and business models.

Charitable Giving and Corporate Support

Benn-Franc Associates encourages our employees to become involved with local nonprofits that improve communities and the lives of our workers through our Community Involvement Program. Employees can nominate local organizations for a corporate grant to support its services. Our associates also volunteer many hours each year in support of their communities. We have a business commitment in supporting ‘Feed the Children’ network and the ‘American Cancer Society’ and supporting ‘Women Shelter Programs’ and local community organizations.

We also support local charities throughout the state through a growing number of charity programs benefitting such organizations ‘Wounded Warriors’ and dedicated to serving the homeless, low-income families, seniors, children and people with disabilities.

Development and Diversity

BFA associates and employees are the key to our business success. We recognize the difference that a quality job can make in someone’s life. In addition to reaching out to community colleges and veterans’ organizations to offer skills development and training programs, we also work with halfway houses to help workers re-entering society ensure they are properly prepared to meet the expectations of employers and others in the workplace.

At Benne-Franc, we understand and value strength that comes from a diversity of different viewpoints and life experiences. We are committed to maintaining diversity and inclusion among our employees by ensuring that each employee has a voice that is heard within our company.

Our Core Values

At Benne Franc Associates, we value the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards throughout our operations. We believe in doing business under the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect for our stakeholders, customers and in all business transactions and activities.

Our Ethical Principles

Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for how we will conduct business operation and transactions on a daily basis. As we seek to achieve responsible business success, we will be challenged to balance these very same principles against each other, always mindful of our promise to our shareholders that we will achieve responsible business success guided by our very own principles.

We will not say things that are false. We will never deliberately mislead. We will be as candid as possible, openly and freely sharing information, as appropriate to the relationship.

Promise Keeping
We will go to great lengths to keep our commitments. We will not make promises that can’t be kept and we will not make promises on behalf of the Company unless we have the authority to do so.

Respect for Others
We will honor and value the abilities and contributions of others, embracing the responsibility and accountability for our actions in this regard.

We will maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs whenever possible. We will act in ways that are consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.

We will live up to Benne Franc Associates ethical principles, even when confronted by personal, professional and social risks to include status quo pressures.

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